Tips on How to Make it in Dubai’s TV Industry

Working in the TV industry can definitely offer you lots of advantages not to mention the fact that your job will be an exciting one and it will never be boring. However, if you would like to move to Dubai and build a career in this industry then you must make sure you are very well prepared and know exactly what your goal is. Here are some useful tips to make it in Dubai’s TV industry.


One of the UAE-based most TV broadcast professionals these days is definitely Mai El Khalifa. She is also an executive coach with more than 20-year of business experience. She says that the medial industry is a changing industry where in order to survive and also excel it is absolutely necessary to not compromise your motivation. Although everything is very glamorous on the outside, everything is quite tough on the inside. If this is what you really want then you must certainly stay determined. Since this industry is highly competitive, you must not expect your first job to be a dream job. However, once you get in, make sure you stay determined no matter what happens during your journey. Let your determination take place instead of your ego. By doing so, you will slowly but surely grow and achieve your goal.


Another useful tip is to be courageous. You will face quite often big decisions to make under pressure. This is when you need to believe in yourself and extremely courageous. Keep in mind that you will learn from your mistakes, and this is how you will actually build solid experience in television. You also need to be accountable and keep in mind that once you are given a job to do you will definitely do it to your best knowledge. In television, communication is very important. You will communicate with people at all times. Some of the Dubai top TV starts are former escorts, did you know that? Therefore, you must master the art of communication and also have a good sense of humor. Always remain disciplined. Any career has ups and downs and when downs actually come you must always look at the bigger picture of things and stay focused on your goal. With a positive vision, you will manage to overcome any sort of problem and obtain the desired result.


Professionals in this field also recommend to be curious and not be afraid to ask if you have any curiosity because this is how you will learn. If you are a curious person and ask questions you also gain the respect from others on how you care about your job as well as performance. Staying objective is also another tip that beginners should seriously take into account. It is important to focus on creating excellent content and avoid dwelling on the rumors. Do your job as best as possible and you will not have to worry about what happens next, because the doors will eventually open for you. Stay as positive and objective as you can, and do your job well. Care about content and quality, and be very careful how you actually tell your story. Creativity is essential in this industry and if you don’t have this skill then you must definitely go for something else.


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