Radio and Television Channels in Dubai

When it comes to TV channels in Dubai, there are several terrestrial TV channels but lots of people actually choose from the hundreds of regional television channels on offer via cable or satellite. If you have just moved to Dubai and you don’t know any of the radio and television channels then you should continue to read this article for more information.


Pay or subscription in this city is available either on cable via E-Vision, or via satellite directly from the local or national providers. For example, Orbit Showtime Network, ART, as well as Star TV offer a large selection of English programming, all of them subtitled in Arabic. Leading English shows and movies as well are actually shown exclusively on OSN. Star TV is also highly appreciated due to the fact that it also has several first-run programmes. The main free to air TV channels in English are MBC Action, Dubai One, Physique TV, MBC 4, and City 7 TV. Many of the shows are broadcast in English which is certainly a huge advantage. However, as mentioned earlier, they have Arabic subtitles, with the exception of City 7. Dubai One and MBC Action show well known UK series, but after six months you will need to actually pay for these programs.


The main free to air Hindi TV Channel is Imagine Movies. This is the first one from MENA region, and the frequency is also available in Oreedoo in Qatar. Therefore, if you want to move to Dubai in the near future or if you have already done that, then here are the TV channels available in that location: Abu Dhabi TV with Arabic and local series, Dubai TV with Arabic local and regional programming, Dubai One an English entertainment channel, Physique TV, City 7 TV a 100% English-language channel, MBC, MBC Max for the latest Hollywood movies, MBC Action, MBC 2 an English channel with Western movies, MBC 3 a children’s channel, MBC 4 a channel for women, and Al-Arabiya an Arabic-language news channel.


On the other hand, when it comes to radio channels in Dubai, there are a few we need to mention. The city is well served by terrestrial radio, AM as well as FM, with a large variety of stations broadcasting in several languages such as English, Arabic, Russian, Malayalam, Urdu, and Tamil. The FM band is extremely crowded, with a brand new station every 2 or 3 MHz apart, some from countries in the Arabic Gulf. General standards have considerably improved in the past few years and lots of these stations are today at par with leading stations in the biggest cities in the world. The media in Dubai is heavily government regulated, which is quite a disadvantage. All in all, Dubai radio is without a doubt the essential guide to surviving the city’s hectic traffic.


We hope that this article was really helpful for you and if you have moved to Dubai recently, then you will know exactly what TV channels to pay for and what radio stations are in the city.


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