Media Production Companies in Dubai

There is no doubt that Dubai is one of the most developed cities in the world. Here, you have the opportunity to see lots of luxurious hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, cars, and many stunning skyscrapers with impressive architecture. However, this place is also an excellent one for filming and taking professional photos. Therefore, if you are interested in this, we will show you in the following the best media production companies in Dubai.

ArtBeat Production

This company will offer you high-quality services as there is a professional team with creative minds as well as lots of experience in order to match any type of requirement. Born in the UAE, Art Beat Production is a brainchild of passionate people who do their best to bring their creative ideas to life and provide you with exceptional services, no matter how demanding you are. The agency offers all types of photography and videography services. Furthermore, the team is also specialized in audio production, creative contents creation, post-production, and design work. Videography services include films/documentaries, lifestyle shoots, feature films/short. Photography services include advertisements campaigns and corporate portrait shoots. Some additional services are radio advertisements/scripts/concepts/voice overs/audio production.

Studio 360

Another excellent media production company in Dubai is Studio 360. This agency is led by a very creative and innovative team of professional videographers as well as photographers, who will certainly impress you with their personality and out-of-the-box ideas. Studio 360 has more than 12-year of experience and the most innovative equipment so that the results can be simply perfect. The team believes that achieving the clients’ needs and implementing their preferences is absolutely necessary in order to make every project a successful journey. If you visit Studio 360’s website you will be able to study in detail its portfolio and see exactly if the agency can meet all your needs. However, what we recommend you is to visit the team and talk about what you actually want from them.

High-End Films

High-End Films definitely always aims high. The 8-year experience in this field can be seen in the amazing projects that this agency has managed to complete. High-End Films has been producing for the entire Gulf region with the best equipment and services encompassing: Cinema Cameras Renting in Dubai, TV Channels, Rental Services in UAE, Documentary Filmmakers Rental Service sin UAE, Lighting Accessories Renting in UAE, and Vehicles Rental in UAE. High-End Films has collaborated with several TV Channels Rental Services, Online Content Providers Rental Services in Dubai, and Documentary Filmmakers Rental Service sin Dubai. The team from High-End Films creates the best experiences while shooting clients’ masterpieces in motion.


Due to the fact that Dubai is an extremely luxurious city, there are plenty of people who come for filming here or for taking some professional photos. Some of them come for making a movie or for creating a photo album for various purposes. However, in order to obtain the best results it is essential to request the services of a professional media production company. Therefore, all the above companies could definitely do a wonderful and we highly recommend them.


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